Hey people this blog is about the different crafting systems.

Hey readers im going to tell you about the different crafting systems first as you all now the basic crafting systems are workbench,anvil,and the furnace. Those three items make up the first crafting system there is. the workbench allows you to make more items if you enter you inventory and go close to it. The work bench only needs i believe u need about 10 wood im not sure but go check it out with gracey91 or go to the crafting recipe wiki for more information. The anvil is diiferent purely iron you will need 3 iron ore to make 1 iron bar sand you need 5 iron bars to make the anvil so that means you will probaly need 15 iron ore to make a anvil. to make a anvil smelt the bars with furnace and then go to workbench and hover down with mouse on workbench and it should show. The anvil people basically allows you to shape bars into weapons or anything you will just need a certain amount of objects or any materials. i know for a fact to make a iron chain you will need 3 iron bars to make 1 chain and if you make 3 chains and get a hook for killing a skeleton or motherslime go to the anvila dn you will make something called a grappling hook then if you have a grappling hook it allows you to basically glide like spiderman and helps you reach far places in case you are in danger of any kind. The furnace is pretty different it allows the user to smelt objects like say pretty much at the begining every ore besides silver and better you will need 3 ore to make a bar and if you smelt it and you have enough of that bar mix with something or anvil something together i dont know but you can make some really rare weapons and objects liek for instance the {ivy whip} its a rare type of grappling hook you will need jungle spores and stingers from hornets and the jungle spores lights up the jungle mixed with a grappling hook anvil it and you can make a awesome ivy whip and the thing is instead of 1 hook spreading you can use three its like vines. Its pretty cool i use to have one starting new game with gracey91 the {ADMIN} when she gets the game and others who read my other wiki posts.

Thats not it they have another crafting set it is nothing but two objects it consists of the sawmill and the loom. The sawmill is advanced then the workbench it allows the user to make bigger items like the bed,bench,barrel,and other cool items you can make if you mix something with it. To make a sawmill you will need 1 iron chain and i believe some wood with that and you can make one to make a bed you need 50 cobweb which = 5 slik from the loom then with wood which you need 15 wood with 5 slik to make a bed to set your spawn point on the updated version the new version because the old updates they didn't have the loom and all you need is the workbench to turn the cobweb into slik i believe but now you need the loom to do it. The bed allows the user to set their spawn point where they are. The liability part is to make a bed you will need wooden walls or better the house have to be tall enough for the capacity of the bed and the house have to be wood or better and the walls have to be filled in around it. Dirt and mud walls don't count so don't even try it wont let you set the spawn point. The loom allows the user to sow cloth together to make slik and other items like banners and other things i don't really remember at all. Those are the two crafting sets people thx for reading I apperciate it.