Hey people i made this article to tell you people about the different terrain in [Terraria]

The first type of terrain you will encounter is pretty much the surface when you spawn there is nothing but bunnys and slimes (daylight monsters) and the (night time monsters) are zombie and demoneye mostly unless you encounter a event called [Bloodmoon] which is pretty suckish because all the monsters swarm you in groups and theres a rare monster called (The Groom) it looks like a zombie with a top hat so be mindful if you see one if you kill it it will drop the hat. there are many different things like underground they are three layers (terrains) such as a cavern normal find is pots and maybe 2 or 3 chests so be watchful and then there is the mushroom layer where there is nothing but mushroom trees which are purple you can chop down for health and there are sometimes gold chests there so thats pretty rare. they have a further cave lair towards bottom where you mostly encounter red, yellow,mother slimes down there and mostly skeletons. Then after that go a little deeper and you will go to the underworld and it is nothing but lava and rare crap down there like since the updates they have hellbats,fireslime,demon,voodoodemon, and fireimps down there. you can find corrupt chests and you will need a shadow key for that very rare to find oh and hellstone is a rare ore to make 1 bar you will need 1 obsidian and 4 hellstone so you will need about 2 whole sets for every weapon and armor but armor you will use gold armor and transform it to molten armor the best armor on the game. ok thats it for bottom terrains and they are two more top terrains 1 is the [Floating island] a rare find that you will have to jump and place crap all day to find small world 2 to 3 islands medium 5 to 8 and large world 10 to 13 so just remember that and also on floating islands they are shrines which have golden chest that are locked you will need a gold key the shrines can be silver or gold and they either have [negated horse shoe] and the [starfury] and also the [shiny red balloon] and last but not least the [starfury]. they also have harpys as enemys on the islands. They are three more terrain left first the [jungle] which have a underground and a surface lair to it since the updates but its pretty cool nothing but snacthers,hornets all sizes and maneates which are similar to the snatchers and they have piranahs there oh and almost forget the jungle slimes. They have the ocean where nothing but fish live there like sharks,crabs,jellyfish,and plant life. Ok last but not least the [corruption] where nothing but eater of souls,bigeaters,littleeaters,and devourbody which are pretty much enemies and its pretty dark there nothing but demonite is there they have ebonstone cant mine unless you have nightmare pickaxe or better so dont even try um they have shadow orbs there break three you awaken eater of worlds a boss 1\3 and thats about it ill describe bosses on next post so be ready thanks for reading my tips i want the Terraria game so bad and im really trying to win so please help me out thanks. sorry for edits i wanted to tell you theres another terrain out there its called [Meteorite] a terrain where there is nothing but metorite on a specific place any place so be careful you will need a obsidan skull to step on it to mine metorite you will need a gold pickaxe or better.