Hey people this is a blog about the bosses on Terraria

Ok the first boss in Eye Of Cathulu he is a gigantic eyeball who actually has a mouth built inside but to summon him get 10 lenses from then go to demon alter and turn the lenses into a suspicious eyeball then summon him by right clicking the eyeball when you make it and you summon him he drops nothing but demonite. The second boss is the 60 ft worm Eater Of Worlds who is a slithering vagabond who hates everybody its kinda different to summon him you can do two ways get vile mushrooms and rotten chunks and combine to make worm food and the other is break three shadow orbs without a problem but be careful because the eater of souls will try their best to kill you before you awaken him. Its simple as cheese. The last bastard is Skeletron who has a Crainum that can break anyhing but he is pretty lame because his sometimes to get rid of you quickly he will charge at you circling with his head and 1 hit KO you. At night go to his lair and talk to the oldman and he turns into him pretty simple. Eater Of Worlds drops shadow scales and demonite combine both objects to make a nightmare pickaxe for mining pretty much any material there is in the game and skeletron drops nothing but health sometimes the rare sword every is dying to have the murmasa which is a rare drop and i haven't ever go yet. Last but not least The clothier a npc that you get when you kill skeletron. I'll explain that in the next post so be ready people. thx for reading