Hey people im here to tell you guys how to start your first day in terraria whoever haves the game or whoever wants it .

The first thing you get when you spawn is a copper pickaxe and a normal axe (update include copper shortsword) but lets no get to that the pickaxe as you know mines crap and you can mine anything accept for ebonstone and hellstone including demonite a type of ore that you need a nightmare pickaxe for but the thing is in order to make it you will need shadow scales and demonite bars you get when you anvil demonite ore to bars but the basics i told you already you get the pickaxe and axe the you start with get you axe out with 2 or scroll with mouse scroller otherwise use keypads so get the axe find the nearest trees and chop them form the bottom then try to get a full set the most you can get a set is 250 a set so get as much before night then build a little house to start you can go to your inventory with the (ESC) key but you can change it at the settings menu when you log into terraria but i use (i) because im familiar with (Minecraft) maybe you people are to but back to tips ok then you see you can make a crap load of items with wood like door, table, chair, and wooden sword for better protection. you can make antyhing imaginable so make a door,chair,table, and lighing such as torches or any other thing you have. To make a torch you need a gel you get from slimes mostly on surface you find them on the surface colors green and blue mostly but the underground can be yellow,black,red,and the fire slime and or the dungeon slime you find in skeletron fire slime in the underworld but make a square or rectangle house surround it then cut three block of wood how many doors you place cut three to place a door just enough to get through then you will need walls try to keep your house wooden for starters and you can make wood walls get how many you think you will need then place them in the backround of your house because at night time it will be a hell house if you dont have wood walls because monsters such as zombies and demon eyes can spawn in your house but as some of you know on (Minecraft) you will need a torches to prevent them from spawning in your house or cave but on terraria its a little different you will need walls not dirtwalls but any other ones and of course torches for seeing purposes so be mindful people. Then when you place stay in house for the night and thats about it. thx for listening and ask me any other question about terraria ill answer i will help as much i can thx. Im making youtube videos on the first day and creating a guide and teaching you guys better if you dont like to read ill make a video so be ready.

Sincerely, Agitated_yeti