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  • Izuh


    January 5, 2012 by Izuh

    Willing to buy any kind of Souls off of anyone. Just tell me the kind of souls and a price, and tell me a server, and we can trade.

    Comment here if you have any Souls for sale.



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  • Izuh

    The Twins Easy Win

    January 5, 2012 by Izuh

    Guide to beating The Twins:

    1. Go to the Underworld.

    2. Mine up between 10-20 Hellstone.

    3. Make a small Hellstone Bridge at about 200 feet or so (really can be wherever you want, but I don't suggest it being by your NPC's.

    4. Craft a Mechanical Eye.

    5. Equip Ranger Emblem, Cross Necklace, and Star Cloak. Also do two other accessories (If possible, all should have Warding, or Menacing)

    6. Get a Megashark and about 1500 bullets (cursed, crystal, or meteor).

    7. Summon The Twins, and destroy them.

    How-to use/why it works: Stand on Hellstone, and when you take the damage from the Hellstone (which will be one damage), it will grant you a little while of invincibility. Just standing there will make you almost immune to the Twins attacks. Star Cloak help…

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