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  • JGreat

    PS3 Duplication Glitch

    April 30, 2013 by JGreat

    I am not responsible for anything that happens to your account OR your save data/items.                                     Use at your OWN risk.

    1) Create a new account on your PS3 (Doesn't need online) or find an old one that does not have any Terraria data on it.
    2) Copy the Terraria data you want to duplicate items from to the new/unused account.
    3) Play Terraria on the account you just copied the data to.
    4) The game will tell you that you cannot save data on this new account because the data belongs to a different account.
    5) Enter the world you wany to copy items from on the new account.
    6) Take a 2nd controller and log into this world with the character from your main account or whichever character you want the duped items on.
    7) Take any…

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  • JGreat

    Hey ghuys!

    I'm doing a PS3 give-away! >:3

    Add me - JGreatPurple

    Content of give-away - Full necro armour, full demonite tools, and some mana crystals.

    -=======-Extra VVVV-=======-

    Need help defeating a boss on PS3?

    Add me and invite and I'll help you out :P

    -=======-Also V-=======-

    I need a dupe glitch partner add me if you wanna dupe some meteorite or sumthin :P

    Note: I am not advertising it's just a give-away so calm down hatuhs!


    Will include 1 shadow key, 1 life crystal, and some meteorite bars! :P

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