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EPIC! PS3 Terraria Give-away

JGreat April 28, 2013 User blog:JGreat

Hey ghuys!

I'm doing a PS3 give-away! >:3

Add me - JGreatPurple

Content of give-away - Full necro armour, full demonite tools, and some mana crystals.

-=======-Extra VVVV-=======-

Need help defeating a boss on PS3?

Add me and invite and I'll help you out :P

-=======-Also V-=======-

I need a dupe glitch partner add me if you wanna dupe some meteorite or sumthin :P

Note: I am not advertising it's just a give-away so calm down hatuhs!


Will include 1 shadow key, 1 life crystal, and some meteorite bars! :P

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