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Note: This Is Not the last of them. i havent found all of them out yet. So wait For More

Wall Of Flesh Floating To Surface!

This Is Possible without cheats, like my last blog i deleted, its the same glitch.

1. Go To The Top Of Hell (Hell Music Playing, But Head Above Hell)

2. Throw A Voodoo Doll In lava (If you cant find any at the top of hell make your own pool)

3. You End Up Getting "The Tounge" Debuff And Floating To Surface (He Goes Diagnally, Depending on which way hes facing)w

Note: If You Die, Wall of flesh wont despawn. Be Careful, As Your NPCS can get killed


Multiple WOF's!

This Is Easier With Cheats, But You Can Also Do It With A Bug.

You Will Need

Plugin: Any Plugin With /Spawnmob

Good Weapons And Amour (If You Want To Take Them All Out)

1. At Surface, Spawn Multiple Guides.

Note: You Can Spawn 2-3 Guides With A Bug. (Not Tested)

2. Go To Hell And Throw A Voodoo Doll In

3. Watch The Buety Of As Many Wof's As You Want!

Note: These Two Glitches May Not Work Anymore, If You Want To Check You Can! (Not Tested in 1.2.3)

Walking On Air!

Note: This Will Not Work As 1.2.3 Patched This Bug.To See it in its full glory, get a mod that can go back updates (or download a old terraria file).

You Will Need:

Gravitation Potion (Or Gravity Globe. Unobtainible. Use Cheats If You Dont Want To Keep Drinking Potions)


1. Drink The Gravitation Potion And Change Gravity

2. This Is When The Hoverboard Comes In Handy. Hold S (Down) And The Direction You Want To Go (Better Use With Spectre,Hermes Or Icespark boots)

3.Watch Yourself Walk Upside Down