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  • Jboy91

    More Update Ideas

    October 14, 2013 by Jboy91

    Adding to my last post, recently, I have now remembered the thing that I forgot, which would indefinitely add a new level of Gameplay -- Needs.

    Needs would be separated into multiple categories. Each Stat would start dropping ten minutes after they have been Increased.

    Hygiene: Hygiene is the state of how clean your character is. Low Hygiene will cause a Debuff, Infection. An Infection will, if not taken care of soon, start temporarily decreasing your max health. Your max health will be lowered down to 50 HP (Two and a half hearts). Once the Hygiene need has been replenished, by either wading through water, or using a Bath, the Debuff will vanish, and the max health will return to normal. Hearts will be blackened out when Max Health has been…

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  • Jboy91

    Update Ideas

    October 14, 2013 by Jboy91

    I cannot contact Re-Logic, because it's not letting me register for the site. So, I would ask of the Staff here to contact Re-Logic, for my ideas for updates.

    1. I was thinking of something... I think Obsidian Items. Such as an Obsidian Sword, Obsidian Armor and such. A Full set of Obsidian Armor would make you immune to lava and other fire hazards.

    2. Craftable Spears: I think you should be able to craft Prior Hardmode spears, as you can currently only seem to find a few prior to Hardmode.

    3. I was checking out Parallel World (Obsidian Mod), and I saw that it would be very difficult. I think it would be best if it was placed into the original Terraria. (Read Parallel World for all its Info) This may bump Terraria to 1.3.

    4. Invisibility Potio…

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