Adding to my last post, recently, I have now remembered the thing that I forgot, which would indefinitely add a new level of Gameplay -- Needs.

Needs would be separated into multiple categories. Each Stat would start dropping ten minutes after they have been Increased.

Hygiene: Hygiene is the state of how clean your character is. Low Hygiene will cause a Debuff, Infection. An Infection will, if not taken care of soon, start temporarily decreasing your max health. Your max health will be lowered down to 50 HP (Two and a half hearts). Once the Hygiene need has been replenished, by either wading through water, or using a Bath, the Debuff will vanish, and the max health will return to normal. Hearts will be blackened out when Max Health has been decreased.

Hunger: Hunger is the state of how hungry your character is. By food items being added, you may change your Hunger Level. If Hunger is put to its Minimum, it will give you a Debuff, Starving. Starving will seem to lower your Health, damaging you, kind of like Minecraft. However, Starving will also drop your Physical Stats, such as Damage, Critical Chance, etc. When the Hunger bar is full, it will trigger the Well Fed Buff, which will remain the same. Well Fed lasts ten minutes, and ten minutes after eating any food, will it start to decrease.

Warmth: Warmth is increased by being near warm or hot things, such as Torches (holding a torch will suffice, too), Campfires, and being near Lava. Warmth would decrease about ten minutes after it being Replenished. When Warmth is at its Max, it would cause the Warm buff. Warm will amplify health regen, and health max. Health Max Increase hearts from Warm will not cause hearts to turn Gold like the effect of Life Fruit. Instead, it will add smaller new hearts under the current health bar. These hearts would be much smaller than normal hearts. These hearts will only appear once Warmth is over 3/4 of its max, meaning 3/4 full. If it is Max, it'll add ten hearts, each worth five HP. Hearts will start to Vanish as the bar drops, as well, so these Warm Hearts are not permanent. If the Warm bar empties out, it will cause the Cold debuff. Cold will slow down Movement Speed, Life Regen, Attack Speed, anything to do with movement.

Note: Each Status Bar is out of 100. It would be highly advised to keep the Needs full.

You may comment your thoughts on this update suggestion. It'd even bump Terraria up to 1.3. Well, 1.4, if they add that Parallel World thing I was talking about to Terraria on an update prior to this one. You may now comment your thoughts on this.