I cannot contact Re-Logic, because it's not letting me register for the site. So, I would ask of the Staff here to contact Re-Logic, for my ideas for updates.

1. I was thinking of something... I think Obsidian Items. Such as an Obsidian Sword, Obsidian Armor and such. A Full set of Obsidian Armor would make you immune to lava and other fire hazards.

2. Craftable Spears: I think you should be able to craft Prior Hardmode spears, as you can currently only seem to find a few prior to Hardmode.

3. I was checking out Parallel World (Obsidian Mod), and I saw that it would be very difficult. I think it would be best if it was placed into the original Terraria. (Read Parallel World for all its Info) This may bump Terraria to 1.3.

4. Invisibility Potions have no effect on any Mobs, so they're completely Worthless in Single Player. They'll only work in Multiplayer, while wearing Familiar Clothes in Social Slot, in which you'd be completely invisible.

I may have more ideas, but earlier, I had some other thoughts, but I have forgotten them. If this and more blog posts that I will be making could be relayed to Re-Logic, it would be great for Terraria.