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  • Jonathang

    Santank! o o

    December 11, 2013 by Jonathang

    Hooray! Finally some news on the christmas update! Have any of you seen the Santank page? Well, before the update is released, it would be great to predict what the boss would be like, who knows some of us could get it right! So what do you all think the boss and update will be like? 

    My prediction: Surely it's going to be hard. It clearly will shoot missles from its back, I think that they might be ho-ho-homing missles... (I hate my puns...) The weapon right on top of the wheels might shoot lasers, or maybe the portal gun ammo... Ok, not sure about that. The boss might drop some christmas based weapons, a present grenade (Giftnade?) or maybe a candy cane sword? Or most likely the new weapons/items. (Eggnog, Portal Gun?) 

    Ok, so what do you …

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  • Jonathang


    November 21, 2013 by Jonathang

    For some reason, I remembered the moments when my friend introduced me to Terraria... This made me want to make this blog post. xP

    Do you remember your most memorable in-game moments in Terraria when you were still noobs, like for example when you encounter your first enemy, a green slime, or when you first fought a boss, or died falling in a corruption chasm? Well, my most memorable in-game moment when I first got 10 lens (Now only requires 6 or 7 I think.) and fought the Eye of Cthulu. I lost with it about three times before beating it.. xD

    So what are your most memorable moments?

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