My friend and I like to play Terraria together frequently. While playing, we like to make large houses of various descriptions, but we often have problems when doing so due to a lack of planning, or ability to plan at all. What we needed was some kind of grid that we could use to plan out where each block went, before we even started up the server. So, to that end, I created what I call the House Planner.

The House Planner is a simple grid, with several blocks and items on the side that can be placed onto the grid so you can see how they fit together. I included some basics such as Dirt, Stone, Wood, Glass, and all the different kinds of Brick, as well as a few furniture items. Some things are going to look misshapen, but that's to show you how many spaces they occupy, since some objects are taller than you think (that darn Sawmill gets me every time).

Obviously, this thing is far from complete and is missing quite a few items, but I should be able to add more without much fuss (or if you don't feel like waiting for me you can always give it a hand yourself, it's not too hard). Hopefully this tool should come in handy for those looking to build neat houses.

I'll finish off by leaving you with an house that the friend in question and I had built previously, converted into a plan, as demonstration of sorts. The colors you see are just background walls that I added in to make it look neater. And yes, it is built into the side of a cliff. Anyway, have fun, and happy building everyone!