aka Trondor

  • I live in The Judgement Hall.
  • I was born on June 5
  • My occupation is Blasting.
  • I am The Forgotten Weapon.
  • Judbud

    I have ALOT of ideas I will explain SOME of them here. 

    The day after pwning all the non-mech hardmode bosses (plantara the golem and the pumpking) a large chest apears somewere within 100 blocks of spawn which has a summon item... doom gem.

    • 1.7
      • Added update log
      • Fixed some abbriviation and capitalization.

    Death: a reaper-like creture that wields a scythe.

    HP:scythe 30000 head 75000 body 175000.

    scythe 60 head 75 body 100.

    scythe 375. doom energy ball 75-150 first stage, 150-250 second stage. head shot 325 first stage, 400 second stage. kick 150 first stage, 225 second stage. melee 250 first stage, 325 second stage. second stage activates at losing 90000 hp. he drops his scythe (now does 125 at slow speed 3-5 hits in your invintory) and he picks up…

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