I have ALOT of ideas I will explain SOME of them here. 

The day after pwning all the non-mech hardmode bosses (plantara the golem and the pumpking) a large chest apears somewere within 100 blocks of spawn which has a summon item... doom gem.

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Entering a new mode 

Death: a reaper-like creture that wields a scythe.

HP:scythe 30000 head 75000 body 175000.


scythe 60 head 75 body 100.


scythe 375. doom energy ball 75-150 first stage, 150-250 second stage. head shot 325 first stage, 400 second stage. kick 150 first stage, 225 second stage. melee 250 first stage, 325 second stage. second stage activates at losing 90000 hp. he drops his scythe (now does 125 at slow speed 3-5 hits in your invintory) and he picks up a srange gem that transforms into a sword that does 425 damage(lol 2 hit kill) and is indistructible.

If you deafeat him you get 1 Platnum coin, Death sword (100 damage at  fast swing speed 1-2 hits an attack), 15-30 Greater Healing and Mana potions, 3-7 Restoration potions, 1-3 EPIC Healing and Mana potions (heals 325 hp/mana), Zapper stone (magic item uses 25 mana-sec and does 100 damage-sec),  1 stack of Wood arows Fire arrows and Unholy arrows, half stack of Hellfire, Holy, and Jester arrows, 1/4 stack of EPIC arrows (7 peirce, 20 damage, drops seeking fireballs where it hits that do 10 damge plus bow damage) Epic bow (70 damage at very fast speed, large knockback), 1 stack of Muskit balls <eteor shot and Silver bullets, half stack of Crystal bullets and Cursed bullets, 1/4 stack of Doom bullets (35 damage splits into 5 smalls witch do 10 damage. Each inflicts Broken armor and Cursed flames), and Doomshark (72 damage at fast speed large nockback) and a new mode is activated............Extreme mode. You thought hardmode was hard? Reconsider that.......

extreme mode

New enemys

Bitron family

poison bitrons are found in the forest and jungle and are the least threatening of the bitrons and are pretty weak but should not be take lightly. dmg: 50-100 (varies on size) def: 35-85 (varies on size) hp: 550-1750 and 15-55% chance to cause poison (once again varies on size)

fire bitrons are found in the underworld and are slightly more threatening than poison bitrons dmg: 60-125 def: 50-110 hp: 750-2500 and a 25-65% chance to cause on fire

hypno bitron spawn anywhere in multi-player and rarely in single-player and are VERY threatning to other players they may be weak but they have lots of armor and introduce a new debuff: hypnotized dmg: 20-75 def: 75-125 hp: 1000-2500 with 35-75% chance do cause hypnotised (player has SMALL control over him/herself and is forced to atack other players)

brainwash bitron spawn is same as hipno they are simaler but this one is more powerfull stats are 2x so i wont write and 25-75% chance of causing brain wash (NO control over player player is forced to atack other players and after debuff is over you take 250 dmg)

inferno bitrons are same as fire bitrons but 2x stronger

water bitrons apper in the ocean and have 1-2 thousand hp 50-120 dmg and 100-125 defence

tsunami bitrons are same as water bitrons but 2x stronger

thunder bitrons are found during thunder storm (event) or power surge (boss battle event) and have 1.5-2.5 thousand hp 100-125 dmg and 50-85 defence and a 50-75% chance of causing electrocuted and on fire!

gold bitrons are rarly found underground and are found VERY rarly in other biomes they have 5-10 thousand hp 1-1.5 hundred dmg and always 150 def with a 25-65% chance of causeing golden (can not move or atack)

weak dark bitrons are found in the corruption and do 50-125 dmg have 750-1750 hp and have 60-120 defence with 55-75% chance of causin cursed and 10-30% chance of cuasing darkend (screen is covered with black smoke that blocks veiw and does 25 dmg evry five secs)

strong dark bitrons are found rarely in the underground corruption have 2-5 thousand hp do 1-2 hundred damage and have 1.5-300 def with a 25-75%chance of doing evry bitron debuff

holy bitrons are found in the hollow and arent that dangerus as they only atack if you atack any hollow creture they have 1-2.5 thousnd hp with 100-250 dmg (kinda overpowerd but you should see the armor!) and 100-100 def (lol)

ULTRA bitrons are found very very very very very very very very very rarly anywhere in the dark relm and 10 times as rare out of it they have 10-13k hp do 1-3k damage and have 1.5-2.5k defence and cause death debuff (combine of all debuffs except potion sikness and horrified 10x as strong) i know they are WAYYYYYYYYYYYYY over powerd but by then you should have some crystalline armor and sword


hackers are EXTREEEEEEEEEEEEMLY stong and are summoned along with the hack king they do 9847859374857485847548785748793746 damage have 5702738530547584754075456483946666 hp and 5000989124 defence NOTE: by the time you face hack king you should have OVERPOWERD armor (that you THINK is overpowerd) and a sword to go with it.

light zombies are like vip zombies but they spawn at day so wach out! (for stats see vip zombies under night.)

titans are big bad things that stomp on you they do 1500 dmg have 10000 hp and 1250 def

trolls are simaler to titans but arent as rare or strong 300 dmg 3000 hp and 250 def

giant titans are HUGE and rare they do 3000 dmg have 25000 hp and 2000 defence

vip light zombies are TWICE as strong as light zombies they have 1500 hp 150 dmg and 100 def


vip zombies look like zombies with fancy stuff on 750 hp 75 dmg and 50 def

scarer eyes are the most accurete eyes EVER imagine an invisable path behind you he follows that path has 1250 hp 50 dmg and 200 def

shadows look even BLACKER than wraiths you cant see their eyes  while they are underground (the eyes look green) have 1750 hp 75 dmg and 250 def

possed knights look like possed armor on horses with purple glowey eyes 3x as fast as armor can break down doors SUPER fast (on a blood moon) and fast anywhere else the also have 1750 hp 100 def and 75 dmg

possed warriors look like the kinghts without a horse move 50% faster than possed armor have 1000 hp 120 def and 85 dmg. and they cant break down doors as fast as knights

ehh not many more night monsters i can think of maybe this section will be updated soon


darkeners are corrupters that make dark realm areas have ??? hp ??? def and 50 dmg (contact) 100 dmg spit (every time you do 1000 dmg to them they fly to the middle of the realm and drop loot)(see what they drop in the drops section) if you have corrupt peandent then they have 1500 hp and 50 def

dark eaters are...well...dark eaters! they have 2000 hp and 55 def (you dont need corrupt peandeant to kill them!) and do 90 dmg



unilazorcorns shoot lazorzzzzzzz!!!! they look like unicorns with a angel holding a lasor gun on it they have 2500 hp 75 def do 125 damage (lasors) 100 damage (if they run over you) and once they reach their second phase (1350 hp) it splits into 2 enemies:crasy unicorn and lasor angel

crasy unicorns

2x as fast as the unilasorcorn but dont shoot lasors anymore they have 1350 hp 60 def and do 250 dmg if they trample over you

lasor angels

1250 hp 75 def and dont move (they only dodge by moving up and down) they do 125 dmg with their gun and if you are dumb enugh to get in their way the penalty is death


my big brother made up legonians the look like bitrons and can ONLY be moved with a legonian mover you can build them in certian shapes to make it so that they fight like build a fire legonian tower and it will shoot fire


i like talking about strong stuff first so i hope you dont mind


gives you 999999999999999999999999999999999999500 Hp10000000 bil defence and 75% damage completely blocked crafted with 2750 hollow shards 20 pairs of hollow armor 15 pairs of crystalline armor 10 pairs of hacked armor 5 pairs of electro armor  and 750 shards of crystalline (what would you expect?)