The theory begins with three gods: Ostara, the goddess of the sky, Planterra, the God of the planet, and C'thulu, God of the underworld. Planterra built the whole world and living things to inhabit it, whilst Ostara and C'thulu made the underworld and sky. The planet was named Terraria in honour of Planterra, and Ostara fell in love with him, much to the dismay of C'thulu, who also had feelings for her. In his rage, he used his demonic powers to drain Planterra of his godlike strength and banished him to the world that he had created. However, Ostara still loved him. Fuming, the demon used the power he had drained from Planterra combined with his own to plague the people of Terraria with evil creatures of dark and light. Planterra, in the form of a human decoy, used his remaining strength to leave his true self in a jungle where it could not be found(so C'thulu couldnt destroy it) and summon a creature that would devour the evil creatures forever, and named it the Wall of Flesh. WoF quickly made an enemy of C'thulu, and swore to destroy him for the sake of Terraria. Meanwhile, C'thulu was absolutely raging by this point, and cursed Planterra's human self, corrupting the decoy. Planterra, who was still inside the decoy, controlling it, was unable to protect the jungle from C'thulu. Siezing this chance, the evil God drove the jungle people (lizhards) into hiding, sealing them in a cursed temple using Planterra's magic. Planterra was the only one able to free the lizhards, but he was stuck in a cursed old man. Devastated, Ostara attacked C'thulu, attempting to cease his rampage. After a long struggle, Ostara used the blessed sword of the sky to rain raw energy, weakening C'thulu. The Goddess of the sky used the blade of her presumed dead lover to slice C'thulu into two halves. These two halves soon changed and assumed the form of two humans. BY THE WAY IT IS PLANTERA AND CTHULU.