What does the community want the achievements to do? im not really talking about adding mechanics when a player gets an achievement (that might be cool) but just what is the purpose and how hard should they be to get? what would they represent? are they tied to a specific character or to the player? maybe some are tired to the world? maybe all three... are they to show how much a player has farmed/grind'ed? do they show cleaver-ness and how do they do that? are they in a tier system (bronze/silve/gold/etc) where one must be earned before the next or are they flat one time things? maybe they could be "greatest" badges that can be lost if someone else (another character on the computer) does better at a later date. Should there be badges that show a character has conquered the basics (i.e. plant a seed) or are they about those unbelievably difficult things to do (i.e. kill all bosses with one hardcore character). why not both?

Im just asking to get the wheels turning. maybe people will come up with some other ideas based off these questions, or at least i hope better quality ideas.

my hope is that they are tied to a character, but able to be looked up in the world they were achieved in, even if the character is not currently logged on. They are tiered (wood/copper/silver/gold/demonite/etc and altered for the minerals of that world). They would not give mechanical changes, but would grant items to show the success as either vanity items or hangable furniture. The tiers would be increased rapidly. it should take a great deal of effort to get the top tier. maybe not even achievable in a single play through.

Green Thumb = Plant and harvest different plants 100 times. wood level=2 different kinds; copper level=5; silver=25; gold=125; etc. Killer = kill pre-hardmode mobs: wood=20; copper=100; silver=500; gold=2,500; demonite=12,500; multin=75,000; etc

hope you handful of readers enjoyed!