Terraria has been a fantastic game for me to play. I really like being able to build various things to make the next part of the game much easier (building boss arenas) or even make the game progress more (gaining NPC's). For being a game built by a hobbyist to start, it is top notch. I know its an adventure game first, then a builder game. But its the building part that got me hooked. I like to let other people go adventuring while I work on crafting and building. I see a lot of potential for that facet to grow, though. I also see how the fighting/adventuring side of it could grow. so, what things would people like to see added to the game that is not just a block or new item. I am talking about mechanics of the game. How it functions with the items and how the player interacts with the environment.

What mechanic (as in functionality of the game) does terraria still need?

Some examples may be:

  • Wiring to have logic gates
  • NPC's that fight for you/defend the other NPC's
  • Automatic items that can move/build/tunnel/craft
  • more ways to improve the character permanently (i.e. permanent movement speed buff or natural armor)

Think about how some of the more extensive mods changed the game. what mechanics from mods should be placed in the vanilla game?