• Justicetom

    Since I was bored, and my brother's flooding hell at the moment of writing, I decided to talk about the pros and cons(good and bad things about it) of flooding hell.

    But first, let's talk about the method.

    The easy way:

    Go to one side of hell and dig up(if you don't have a grappling hook, you can't do this), preferably on a small world. It may be boring but it's fun to flood hell. Just, don't kill yourself and don't take risks unless your spawn is near your tunnel up( can be used as a Hellevator once you've flooded hell) It's best to use a molten pick or better to make it faster.

    The Hard Way:

    First, get about 99 gills potions. Then go to the ocean and dig a hellevator at the bottom of the ocean, using the gills potions to breath and then you'l…

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