I just beat 1 boss in this game it was THE BRAIN OF CTHULHU. He wasn't as hard as I thought he was because I found out the trick to beating him. The trick to beating him is to use the superior boomarang. It is very powerful and knocks him back so its easy to constantly hit his little minions. The boomarang still works when you fight him face to face but be carfeull because he teleports at all different sides of you and he gets hard to hit. (A regular boomarang works to you can find them in chests around your world I'm not sure if you can craft them or not. To summon the BRAIN OF CTHULHU you need a bloody spine witch can be crafted using the crimson altar found inside the crimson and you use 15 invertebrets to craft it.)


Brain of Cthulu

Crimson altar

the Crimson Altar