My next goal is to get magic spells that I can use to find floating islands. I found a really good one to use witch is the magic missle but I just read that you can only find one in a dungeon and it so happens that I haven't beat SKELETRON yet. Everytime I try he kills me and it's really getting on my nerves. But this time I will beat him and he will be the one to die. If anyone has any tips or advice for me before I go up against SKELETRON and hopefully not get recked for the 50th time please tell me or leave it in the comments or email me or something.

Turns out I didn't need magic spells to get to the floating island. I got there the old fashion way by making a giant block tower and jumping off of it and flying to the floating island using my magic carpet. I got a hard horseshoe, (don't know what to do with it if you know please tell me in the comments) clouds,rainy clouds,sunblock, (don't know what to use this for eathier if you know leave it in the comments) and some Harpie feathers. (Again don't know what to do with it if you do leave it in the comments.)