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I have plenty of statue farms onone of my servers, so i thought: Eh, why not share them with the world of Wiki? Trust me, you'll want to read to the end. The pictures in this Wiki dont display the dart traps, but they are extremely handy if you can't get your hands on the Pirahna Statue or don't feel like killing the spawn yourself. The Dart traps, switches, wires, and pressure plates can be found in dungeons, even though the latter three can be bought from the Mechanic. For how to obtain Timers, look here.

First being, a Goldfish farm. The Goldfish sell for 50 copper each. The way it works is, the pirahnas swim around killing the goldfish, and then you collect them at the bottom, and sell for 50 copper each. making an entire stack (99 Goldfish) worth (According to my 2 second calculations atleast) worth 49.5 silver. And it only takes me, having 4 Goldfish statues and one pirahna statue, a little under a minute to get a full stack.
Goldfish Farm


Next is the Skeleton farm. I use this one for fun, but it can be used for hook farming if you hook dart traps up to timers. (This also applies to Pirahnas for faster farming)

Slime farm. EXTREMELY handy with dart traps on a timer, collection area is optional, but is handy toavoid the slime's low, but annoying, damage, plus the dart traps randomized shooting and poison. Can be used for Flamethrower ammo or to make torches is mass scale.

Aided by dart traps (Organized or randomly, according to your preference), the Jellyfish farm can get you stacks of glowsticks in minutes.
Jellyfish Farm

Bat farms are next to useless. I have one just so I can unlesh bats upon unsuspectiong players. I feel need need to add a photo isn't neccesary, Just have bat statues wired and a door by them so you can open it, and UNLEASH CHAOS!

Crab farms are again, next to useless, but they look nice. A very good touch for someone who wants to add some decor to their server. I intend to have multiple versions of these put up into this article, considering this first one is a bit clunky.
Crab Farm

(Mathmagician has brought to my attention that they can be used to step on pressure plates for activating other traps.)

Now,for the most important part: The Control Room. This allows you to turn the traps on and off, the switch is optional, as timers can be turned on/off by themselves, but I like it for activating the full thing at once. I do two timers no matter what, but it is reccomended to have 1 timer per every 2-3 statues. Everything up here will be wired to the statues, and the entire farm can be operated in this small space. I also intend to have multiplepictures here as there will be plenty of good ideas.



  • All the statues I have are not required. you can do a much larger or much smaller scale.
  • Pictures with dart traps: To be updated