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  • KickMeElmo


    • Shroomite Helmet (rocket, equipped), Shroomite Mask (bullet, in inventory)
    • Shroomite Breastplate
    • Shroomite Leggings


    • Sniper Scope (damage/crit mostly, generally the zoom is unnecessary here) or Ranger Emblem (-only- if you don't have the scope available)
    • Destroyer Emblem (boosts damage and crit on ALL weapons, not just ranged) or Charm of Myths (only if survival becomes an issue)
    • Master Ninja Gear for kiting/damage dodging (Tabi would work as well, though without the damage dodging) or Moon Shell/Moon Charm for werewolf's increased regen/stats
    • Ankh Shield (There's never a good reason to remove this if you have it. If you don't, get it.)
    • Hoverboard (My preferred wings, but any wings are fine. Hoverboard's fast horizontal flight is…

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  • KickMeElmo

    I'm looking to figure out which blocks, backgrounds, or even bars will produce light when placed. There are a few places where placing torches is less desirable (mostly in material farms and for aesthetic purposes). Does anyone know a few offhand? I'll be setting up an updated image of all material types at some point, but I don't really have time to do that right now, so any help is appreciated.

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