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  • I live in sunny California!
  • I was born on March 10
  • My occupation is creating art.
  • I am female.
  • Kida155

    I've noticed that the categories on the wiki could use quite a bit of cleaning up, especially after the arrival of PC As a personal project, I've started to reorganize and establish a cleaner, easier network of categories. Some little notes and ideas can be found here.

    • Moved *_Tier categories from Category:Equipment to Category:Items by Material.
      • Sub-categories should probably be renamed *_Tier to *_Items or *_Gear.
      • Category:Celestial Tier is a special-case, and will probably have subcategories of Solar_*, Nebula_*, etc. with items that use all four Fragments in the main category.
    • Category:Rare Items seems subjective and unhelpful as a category. Does anyone actually use this category to look for rare items? If so, why? Need more feedb…
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  • Kida155

    After starting some new worlds and returning to others, figured it would be nice to have a quick guide of boss fights necessary to make it through the "story" of Terraria.

    • Eye of Cthulhu
    • Brain of Cthulhu / Eater of Worlds
    • Skeletron
    • Wall of Flesh
    • The Twins / The Destroyer / Skeletron Prime
    • Plantera
    • Golem
    • Lunatic Cultist
    • Nebula Pillar / Vortex Pillar / Solar Pillar / Stardust Pillar
    • Moon Lord
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  • Kida155

    Alright, so, I have a flight today and can't be bothered to make a super-elaborate post, but. I've seen some pretty icky-looking screenshots on the wiki, and they're all mostly making the same mistakes. I decided to whip up a small post on, basically, "How to Take a Good Terraria Screenshot". So, enjoy.

    • For the love of god, stop saving files as jpgs. Nobody likes jpgs, and they're really only suitable for some games/wikis. This is not one of them. Always save as a png, it's a much better, cleaner alternative (and has transparency!)
    • To not save as a jpg, I'm fairly certain you can't use Steam's Screenshot tool. It always saves files as jpgs, and if there's a setting to change this, I haven't found it. You're better off using Prnt Scrn and pas…
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  • Kida155

    Useful Guide to Editing

    October 5, 2013 by Kida155

    I've noticed a lot of new editors making the same mistakes, so I would like to make a very short, simple guide that editors can refer to if they'd like.

    First, check out the policies of the wiki. They explain the standards of editing and such that you should stick to. Some general tips as well:

    • Make sure correct grammar and spelling are used on pages at all times. If you feel like you're spelling something wrong, double-check your work before you save pages. Most browsers have built-in spellcheckers, so there should be no reason for as many typos as I've seen in the span of a few minutes.
    • Capitalize names. Item names, monster names, every name EVEN if it is split into two words. Page names should especially have a lot of capitalization (aside…
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