Alright, so, I have a flight today and can't be bothered to make a super-elaborate post, but. I've seen some pretty icky-looking screenshots on the wiki, and they're all mostly making the same mistakes. I decided to whip up a small post on, basically, "How to Take a Good Terraria Screenshot". So, enjoy.

  • For the love of god, stop saving files as jpgs. Nobody likes jpgs, and they're really only suitable for some games/wikis. This is not one of them. Always save as a png, it's a much better, cleaner alternative (and has transparency!)
  • To not save as a jpg, I'm fairly certain you can't use Steam's Screenshot tool. It always saves files as jpgs, and if there's a setting to change this, I haven't found it. You're better off using Prnt Scrn and pasting it into Paint/Photoshop/what have you.
    • For my fellow Mac users, Command + Shift + 3 takes a full-screen shot and Command + Shift + 4 brings up a section-select tool. Love it.
  • Lighting options in Terraria can be changed using the F9 key. Use the option you like most, or whatever makes the screenshot look best. Personal choice, really.
  • Now, and this is the important one so emphasis is required, F11 hides your flippin' HUD. PLEASE use this option, or at least crop your HUD out, because seriously. The HUD doesn't look great when you're trying to show off environments.
    • And crop out your darn Windows/Mac Titlebars and Start-bars cuz srs. It's not that hard to do in Paint, guys.

I think that's it for my picky ramblings. If I see another screenshot with the start bar up, HUD all over the place, and jpg'd, I think I might cry. Though I know someone's going to upload one to spite me now.

Have fun with the wiki everyone, I have an apartment to move into this week, so I'll be on sporadically. Yay.