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  • I live in LONDON
  • I was born on November 11
  • My occupation is Student
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  • King Creator the VIII

    Creator’s Virtual Mod

    Hello, fellow Terrarians! Welcome to my blog post about my virtual mod! But, before we begin I need to say my sincerest apologies. I have got an awful reputation and I want to say thank you for having a pixel of hope and click on my blog post.

    Now, a lot of the features included in here are from the Terraria Fan Ideas Wiki and other blogs. I’m only including my ideas in the fangame – no-one else’s ideas will be used. I am also not going to be turning this into a mod – unless lots of you want me to in the comments. If this happens, I will set up a poll – when the results are in, I will do what our community wants. Of course, that is only if you want this turned into a mod.

    Anyway, all my suggestion are going to be grouped. …

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  • King Creator the VIII

    Terraria Remade

    Ever since the wonderful game of Terraria came out, theres been stuff I've wanted added. This blog is a story/idea blog post, talking about my ideas while telling a story. It starts in the menu and goes to the desert, hallow, crimson, the dungeon and many other interesting places. Give your ideas in the comments below about future happenings and ideas! Let's begin ...

    Our Story Begins...

    Souls. Essences. Magic. Life. Those are the four vital ingredients for the most complex of things - a human. But, if you add some blocks into that you get something much more complex. A Terrarian Human. Over 1.6 million of them exist. They are teaming all the nooks and crannies in the World of USB cables and memory sticks. And what's more, the…

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  • King Creator the VIII

    Hello and welcome to a blog all about the fan game I am making. It is basically all the suggested and wanted features of Terraria and so, so much more. If you all wanted a hard mode queen bee equivalent, a true muramasa, a hardmode version of the Wall of Flesh, a mode after hard mode or even just some new NPC's and bosses, this is the place for you!!!

    It will be coded on XNA , using C#. Guess how terraria was made? In XNA using C#. A Pre - Alpha version will probably be released at the end of this year of early next year, and work will be continued everyday. However, I will be waiting until I get a better PC to do this. And yes, I have asked for Reds permission and he said it would be fine.

    But, I really need your help. Im not a creative gu…

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  • King Creator the VIII

    Terraria. That's one of the few words that is in my brain every second of the day. I remember the days when the beautiful land if Terraria was thought to be an ancient myth, by the Ancient Egyptians but boy, where they wrong.

    One morning I woke up and though to myself, "I am going off to find the land of Terraria!". And I did just that. I remember packing and the rush to get ready, but it all really came back to me, when I found my old diary under my bed. Im going to read it with you and I hope you enjoy. Goodbye.

    Tuesday July 26th 2011 Day 01:

    Well, today I started my dangerous voyage to the mythical land of Terraria, and all day I kept thinking, "What if it is just a myth? What if I perish on this expedition". It was utterly scary.

    I must ha…

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