Terraria Remade

Ever since the wonderful game of Terraria came out, theres been stuff I've wanted added. This blog is a story/idea blog post, talking about my ideas while telling a story. It starts in the menu and goes to the desert, hallow, crimson, the dungeon and many other interesting places. Give your ideas in the comments below about future happenings and ideas! Let's begin ...

Our Story Begins...

Souls. Essences. Magic. Life. Those are the four vital ingredients for the most complex of things - a human. But, if you add some blocks into that you get something much more complex. A Terrarian Human. Over 1.6 million of them exist. They are teaming all the nooks and crannies in the World of USB cables and memory sticks. And what's more, there yours to mold.

So, you got a Windows, eh? Congratulations! Your one step closer to owning one of these adorable creatures! Well, I hope you didnt't just flop down on your sofa. If you did, you have permission to facepalm. Well, prise your bottom off the sofa and get into your car and drive to a place like GAME.

Sorry - I forgot your gonna have to pay five quid just to park. Well, get out, run away from the warden and get inside that shop. Search the shelves for a Steam wallet card - AND STEAL IT!!! Ok, pay for it, I guess. And now. it was £10 not £156, so she can't scam me into payin' more