Terraria. That's one of the few words that is in my brain every second of the day. I remember the days when the beautiful land if Terraria was thought to be an ancient myth, by the Ancient Egyptians but boy, where they wrong.

One morning I woke up and though to myself, "I am going off to find the land of Terraria!". And I did just that. I remember packing and the rush to get ready, but it all really came back to me, when I found my old diary under my bed. Im going to read it with you and I hope you enjoy. Goodbye.

Tuesday July 26th 2011 Day 01:

Well, today I started my dangerous voyage to the mythical land of Terraria, and all day I kept thinking, "What if it is just a myth? What if I perish on this expedition". It was utterly scary.

I must have got up at about 5:45am, because I had a nightmare about me being naughty and going to hell and there were loads of demons and once I through a useless rag doll into lava and then a huge wall began chasing me. I sat up for about half an hour and kept thinking, "What does this mean?"

I must have gone back to sleep, because when I woke up I saw my alarm clock said 9:21am. Then I think I had a vision. In my vision it said, "Dear boy, you must go and find the mythical land of Terraria." I was panic-stricken and I screamed. I then went back to sleep for about 2 hours.

When I got up, I made one of the hardest decisions of my life. Should I stay? Or should I go? I ended up crying it was so hard and then I rolled a die. If it landed on an even number I would stay and if it landed on an odd number I will go. I rolled it and it landed on a three. I was scared as hell. Eventually, I prised myself out of bed and packed lots of wigs,clothes, spray and a copper shortsword, an axe and a pickaxe.

I opened my front door and went to the beach and collected lots and lots of driftwood and seaweed. I found several small pieces of driftwood, two large pieces of driftwood and lots of seaweed. I put lots of the driftwood together and bound it together with seaweed and Hey presto! I made a small raft and I can use the large driftwood as oars. By now, it was 5:46pm and I decided to go home. While I was at home I found a piece of old cloth for a sail, a sleeping bag and I filled a rucksack with food and water. Then I got into bed for the last time in a while.

Wednesday July 27th 2011 Day 02

I got up earlier than usual, at about 6:15am, so I could get to the beach as quickly as possible. I couldn't sleep last night and I'm rather excited. Dad founded the world of Minecraftia, and I have always wanted to follow his footsteps.

The water was fairly calm, but I wasn't at all convinced my raft would survive it. I had already wrote my will and had even gone as far as telling everyone I had died of cancer in my will! Of course, if I did survive I would get a ticking off for faking my own death, but hey?

I walked up the pier, and looked around at the ice cream shop, the florist and the lighthouse. I knew this would probably be the last time I see them. I then stared into the deep blue sea. I prayed to Neptune, the roman god of sea, and then through my raft into the water.

The wind was still, and as I set up my sail, I barely moved an inch. I put my sleeping bag on the floor, my rucksack next to it and then I rowed off into the everlasting horizon.

By now, it was about 7:20am and the sun was creeping up the sky. My hopes were high for finding the mystical land, but even if I did find it, there is no guarantee that I will explore it AND get back safely. In fact, the chances are pretty much zero. So for a good few hours, while I was rowing, I was thinking of ideas of how to get a message back safely and I had some pretty nifty notions. One was to write it down and get a seagull to fly it back safely. Another was to sing JLS songs so badly that everyone rows to the land of Terraria to shut me up. The list goes on and on, and it will get quite boring after a while.

At about 7:45pm, I stopped in the middle of the Atlantic, and reached into my rucksack and pulled out a puny pack of saltanus. That was all I had for my tea that night. It was tiny, but I felt seasick anyway. Then I went to sleep and prayed for the best . . .

Thursday July 28th 2011 Day 03

Yes, I'm alive! I didn't drown in my sleep like everyone expected!It is truly a miracle! Anyway, today I was awoken by the most beautiful sight. East of my raft, was a absolutely beautiful islands with a huge mountain in the middle. Eagerly, I rowed over and I docked near a Palm Forest area.

I used my copper shortsword to slice through the thick, tangled undergrowth for at very very least 6 hours and I found absolutely nothing except the odd chest. I was attacked by Green Slimy Blobs which I call quite simply, Green Slimes and it takes a good five hits with my sword to knock 'em out. I soon realised though, I had not found the mystical island of Terraria.

I was deeply unhappy that I had wasted lots of the day exploring a pointless island! It was now 2:34pm and I rowed for a while, until a giant fish with yellow eyes and teeth jumped out of the water and squirted a tornado with sharks in it- a sharknado? This startled me and I decided to forget about it and do some doodles on a wet piece of paper.

When I next looked at my watch, it said 10:40. Surely, I hadn't wasted ages just doodling? I quickly decided to make up for it by rowing through the long, mundane night. But, that scary fish was still in my mind. Could it be a sign? Or is it bad luck? I was petrified and at about 11:45, I collapsed with exhaustion and worry.

Then I had another vision. It was only a few minutes long, but it was the most scary vision I had. I was just on the beach, when the scary fish jumped out of the water and pulled me down to the seabed. He pinned me down with his tusk - like teeth and said, "I AM DUKE FISHRON AND I TRULY LOVE TRUFFLE WORMS!". He boomed it so loud that it set off a tsunami and flattened the city. "IF YOU TELL A SOUL WHAT YOU SAW, I SHALL DETACH YOUR EXTREMITIES AND REMOVE YOU FROM TERRARIA!". I trembled in fear and then he grabbed a beautiful blue chest, covered in undersea treasures and smashed it onto my face.

Then I screamed. I was awake in the vast Atlantic, screaming and crying with no-one to help. I looked at my watch. It said it was 11:59. I was quick to get into bed and desperately tried to sleep.

Friday July 29th 2011 Day 04

When I woke up, I checked my watch and it read 10:50am. "I have had a lie-in, haven't I.", and then started rowing. Then I realised I hadn't eaten in two days. I quickly reached into my rucksack, but with much grief, I pushed it and it fell into the treacherous waters below. My stomach groaned once more, and then I had an idea. I took down the mast of the sail and cut some string of my sock. I looked for a maggot on the ship and then, with a clip, attached it to the end of my creation. What is it you ask? It's a rubbish fishing rod!

I cast is into the blue and caught at least fifty fish and I have discovered some new fish - a bunnyfish, a crimson tigerfish, a chaos fish, a princess fish and a Amantita Fungifun, or at least that is what I have named them. I had a lovely lunch, but the clouds are gathering and just a large rainfall could capsize my raft.

At about 5:15, the clouds burst and it began to rain over the Atlantic. I was very, very worried but I continued rowing. But, I really began worrying when a boom of thunder and a flash of lightning were seen and heard. It began hailing and bucketing it down and I got down on my knees and prayed, but as I did that a giant wave came and I dissapeared under the waves.

Saturday 30th July 2011 Day 05

I woke up and saw the sun. It was a miracle. I hadn't drowned and I was in the centre of a quite large island. There were trees all around me and I quickly saw a man walking around. He had browny black shoes, and blue denim jeans. He had peach skin and a murky green jumper."Hello, sir, my name is Steve and I shall be your guide for this beautiful land of Terraria.", he said and my heart almost jumped out of my mouth. I had found it! The mystical land of Terraria! "Well, then Steve can I have a tip now please?" I asked. He smiled at me and straightened his jumper. "Yes", he said. "Use your Pickaxe to mine dirt and an axe to chop wood. Just swing your tool and it gets destroyed!"

So, I followed his advice and began chopping some wood, but then Steve stopped me. "You will be needing this, if your gonna pick anything up", he said and he handed me a large backpack."Thank you, Steve", I said and then I walked off and collected trees for a good 7 hours. When I had 999 wood, I decided to look at my watch and then realised the water had broke my watch. So I looked into the sky and realised the sun was going down - quickly! "So, where is the hotel?" I asked Steve. He chuckled and said, "There isn't one. You will have to build a house out of the wood and quickly. At night, creatures like zombies and demon eyes shall come and destroy our lives." . Obviously, this wasn't a good thing to hear. I immediately built a shack about ten metres long and six metres high. "I WANT A DOOR!" I shouted at Steve. He turned round and said, "You need a workbench." Just use one piece of wood and make a workbench - it is easy to carve with your fists.". I began making my workbench and sat it in the middle of the room. I also made a chair and a sign as well .

Then unexpectedly, an ugly Green Slime, that I had saw on another island hopped in. I drew out my sword and slayed him. I then found a slimy substance on the floor and it was sparking. "What on earth is that icky substance", I asked Steve. "It is gel - it is flammable and can make torches" he replied, eyeing the gel. I picked it up and made a total of three radiant torches. I put them in the corners and one in the middle. The guide ran indoors and it became very dark. "So?" I asked the guide. "You will have to keep yourself occupied tonight. The zombies will be knocking loudly at the door, so why don't you dig down and mine for resources?" Steve said and I quickly began mining the dirt and stone.

I quickly descended deeper and deeper and before very long I has found a cave. It was made out of stone, which I had lots of by know and some dirt. But, it also had some copper, iron, tungsten and a bit of platinum in it! I mined it up and the spoils were good - I had 73 copper, 56 iron, 37 tungsten and 12 platinum! It was very cool, but quite heavy to lug around. Nevertheless, I braved the darkness and kept exploring the cave and less than 30 seconds later there was a gold chest before me! I opened it and found; Weird green boots which improved my speed, a gross looking eyeball, som iron and copper bars, some dynamite, a glistening mirror that warped me home, a weird drink that healed me, claws that let me slide down walls and a lot of gold coins.

I kept digging, and found a bit more iron and tungsten, but really my luck was up. So, I used the mirror to go see the guide. He was fast asleep. I looked at the moon and realised it was nearly midnight! So, I huddled up against Steve and dropped of to sleep.

Sunday 31st July 2011 Day 06

I woke up to the sight of zombies running away from the burning sun. It was quite a funny sight. When Steve woke up he said, "Hey, you've only explored a small part of the island ... go find more!". This was an awkward request, but I decided to go and I went to the east.

I walked through the luscious wood, until I found a large tree. I tried using my axe on the wood to get through but the wood was far too strong so I switched to my pickaxe, which succeeded to cut through. After about three metres of chopping, I found a pitfall or the roots of the tree and being an adventurer, I went down. I banged my head lots but eventually I found a small room with a table and a chair but the best thing in there was a chest. I opened it and it contained : 55 silver coins, 5 grenades and a Leaf Wand. This was confusing, so I quickly popped back to see the guide to tell me what it was. "Ahh, you have found the leaf wand. The leaf wand uses wood and fires leaves". I nodded and went onwards.

A few hours later, I came across a place with a purple hue. It was very dark and I cut down its trees. It was a purple wood. 'It can't be that dangerous I thought and I pressed on. However a few seconds later a weird creature came and but me. It flew out of a chasm and I decided to run home and quick as possible. 'I wish I had something to increase my speed! I thought but just as I did, the creature bit my bottom! I ran as fast as humanly possible and eventually came home and shut the door.

Panting, I told Steve every last event. He stroked my shoulder and said, "You found the Corruption. It's highly dangerous and the creature that chased you was called an Eater of Souls. The wood is Ebonwood and the corruptions full of chasms. Also, you forgot your boots that make your run fast - they're called 'Hermes Boots

By now, the sun was setting so me and Steve snuggle up and fell asleep.


NEXT TIME : We find a snow biome in the West and then go mining!!! Stick around!!!