Space Eye

Same attacks like Eye of Cthulhu but lot more damage. No 2nd phase.


Space Pirate

Space Pirate - Moves in when Space Eye is deafeated.


Item Price Special Conditions
Squid Launcher

Squid Launcher Unloaded By Kivivongo1 Squid Launcher Loaded By Kivivongo1

4  PlatinumCoin Small None
Blue Squid

Blue Squid By Kivivongo1

56 SilverCoin Small


Sonic Derpyfier

Sonic Derpyfier By Kivivongo1

65  GoldCoin Small During Blood Moon
Ray Gun

Ray Gun By Kivivongo1

1  PlatinumCoin Small In Hallowed Biome
Video Box

Video Box By Kivivongo1

14  GoldCoin Small During Solar Eclipse
Video Namer

Video Namer By Kivivongo1

75  GoldCoin Small During Solar Eclipse

TV By Kivivongo1

1  PlatinumCoin Small During Solar Eclipse
Plasma Rifle

Plasma Rifle By Kivivongo1

2  PlatinumCoin Small In Corruption/Crimson
Plasma Bullet

Plasma Bullet By Kivivongo1

18  SilverCoin Small In Corruption/Crimson

All sprites by Kivivongo1.

Squid Launcher: Better Snowman Cannon.

Blue Squid: Ammo for Squid Launcher.

Sonic Derpyfier: Always makes enemys confused for 5 seconds and always takes 15 damage.

Ray Gun: Stronger Heat Ray with blue effect.

Video Box: Recording what you see if it is in accessories slot.

Video Namer: Naming Video Boxes. Only for decorative purposes.

TV: Place a Video Box near it. It will show what's in it.

Plasma Rifle: Shorther range than Sniper Rifle but more damage.

Plasma Bullet: Ammo for Plasma Rifle.

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