Welp. In my small world of Terraria, I've gotten all easymode NPCs, TONS of rare weapons(Starfury, Aqua Scepter, Sunfury, etc.), cleared all the floating islands, made it through my entire dungeon, and have built a house in the Underworld. Now, I'm wondering if I'm ready to fight the boss we all know, The Wall of Flesh. Now, I only have made the necro armour and I have the Star Cannon and a Dangerous Blade of Grass at my side. I'm just probably nervous or scared to do this, but I'm sure that I'm ready to fight the fight. Can someone please tell me or at least give me some tips to fighting this boss? I have several Guide Voodoo Dolls, so if ones tips are not exactly useful, I'll try someone elses. Thank you for taking your time to read this, and sorry if this is not the greatest blog you've seen, but it is just my first one. Thank you all. I bid you adieu.