"Another guide was sent to the Wall. How can you even ignore it??" Smile says , disappointed by the inability of his friend.

"What could I do? Complain to the Archangels?" Asks Koburo with fear of his superiors.

The three archangels have always been known for making simpler choices, not caring about humans or their powerful pets, the Wyverns, who usually goes to the highest points of the worlds and toy with humans, or be toyed with.

"You started the idea of this rebellion. You should be the one to lead us in ending the Corrupted Trio!" Smile says, watching the flesh wall's death throes reflected in a pool of water.

"Look at me, Smile. I have no weapons, equipment, not even wear one armor!" Says Koburo, troubled to think in facing the three giants.

"So we need to buy equipment to arm ourselves and form an army of rebels." Smile says , rubbing his chin in though.

"The purchase of equipment is prohibited in SkyHallow, I will not defeat the tyranny acting like a criminal! About the army, every angel between us are under the banner of the warrior archangel. Few remaining angels are mercenaries who have no honor or loyalty anyone who does not have the coins of mortals." Says the worried angel.

The SkyHallow is a giant hallowed cloud where lives every non-exiled angel. It should be a place where the angels trade their discovers on the worlds, where go every human soul, where every kind creature live. Instead, the hallow didn't stop the Archangels ambitions, it just grew stronger at every moment, until the three of them became most cruel than any demon.

The angels were commanded by the Trio, transforming the beauty and calm of the Hallow in the hideous Corruption and the frightful Crimson.

Unfortunately, the rebel Angel didn't know what was about to happen.


Hey guys, I am Koburo and I hope you liked my writing style and this introdution to my short series about a Angel View about this awesome history.

This series are focused on the character, where (I think) you will see a bit later in another place. I someway had the permission to create this character and his history in someone's adventure.

See ya!