To Spawn

Spawns on his own from Oct 1 to Oct 31 on blood moons. Or you can summon him by using the Breathing Pumpkin item that would be crafted with 40 Jungle Spores, 12 Demonite Ore, 6 Bones, & 1 Torch.

The Breathing Pumpkin can be reused however it causes a debuff that makes it useless for 24 minutes.

He will leave on the second morning from being summoned. (Going to be a LONG fight)


On stage one he is about two times the size of the player. He wears a black cloak, has a pumpkin on his head, wields a sythe with an inverted blade. 12 burning orbs of pure demonite follow him.

On stage two his pumpkin decays to dust. His sythe falls & can be picked up by the player. His heart is visible & he uses his rib cage & lungs as tentacles to attack the player. The 12 orbs follow the player if the Harvester Sythe is equiped.

The Battle

As stated before, the fight is hellishly long.

Each orb has 500 Hp 12 defense & does 50 damage on contact no matter what. He has 2,000,000 Hp.

Stage One: 40 defense does 30 damage on contact & 200 damage when he hits the player with his sythe's blade. He enters stage two when he loses 5000 hp.

Stage Two: 1000 defense 60 damage on contact & deals 50 damage when he hits the player with a tentacle. He takes one damage from anything that isn't his sythe which he drops when the first stage ends. He takes 1,000 damage each time when hit by the Harvester Scythe & with a critical hit he takes 10,000 damage. The Harvester Scythe can hit from 5 to 17 times in a single attack.

After The Battle

He drops the Pumpkin Head vainity item set which include the Jack-O-Lantern helmet which even if used in the social slot it can generate as much light as the Miners helmet.

Pumpkin Head also moves into an open house, if you talk with him you can help him remember his past & by doing so you can upgrade the Harvester Scythe, after you enter Balanced Mode you can learn about what caused him to lose his head. You will learn of Catastrophe & that Pumpkin Head is a Dullahan (a creature of Irish lore) after this the Harvester Scythe becomes Dullahan's Lament.

Catastrophe Ruler of Disaster

The root of all evil, Catastrophe is known by many names such as Fear, Suffering, Despair, Sin, ect. When something goes wrong blame this horrid being. He loves to cause others pain & he feeds on this pain. He uses his powers to control fate for his sick gain.

  • Power over weather patterns
  • Limited Mind Control
  • Illusion
  • Create Nightmares (Go to set spawn with a bed at night during Balanced Mode you get the Torment debuff for the rest of the night & 3 minutes after the sun rises.) Torment debuff: Cannot enter dark areas, if monsters are on screen you take constant damage equal to the player’s defense.
  • Dark Magic
  • Temporary Shape Shifting


More Info Soon

Catastrophe boss info.