Cannot be sold, dropped, given to other players, or seen by other players in a chest(When in chest & a player that isn't the owner opens the chest it is seen as a missing chest space.)

Regenerates bullets at a speed of 10 bullets per 0.5 seconds when in the inventory. (Creates Shark Tooth Shots: These are just like musket balls, but the bullets cannot be sold, dropped, given to other players, moved from the ammo slot, be shot by any other gun than the Megamouth Cannon, or seen by other players in a chest.)

Megamouth Quotes

Every once & a while the Megamouth Cannon will say something if conditions are met. This list will have the conditions & the quotes that are associated with them.

Kill standard monsters

"Who is extinct now!?"

"You are dead, I know this because I killed you."

"Lock & load!"

"Dolphins from space, SUCK."

"I don't even care that you have your hand where you have it at this point."

Kill a Slime monster

"ACK! UH! NASTY! I got slime in my mouth!"

"Now you are Gelatin, with bullets inside."


Be nearby the Dryad

"She worries me."

(If player is male) "Better hope she doesn't like you, or you may become a tree."

(If player is female) "If you have a relationship with some guy, you best watch this voodoo witch."

"You better be glad I'm not hungry you walking salad."

"Hippie alert!"


Be nearby the Mechanic

"Yay for technology!"

"If you buy it, she built it."

"Wires for your wire based needs!"

Be nearby the Guide

"Hello useless."

"I'd shoot your Voodoo Doll."

"If you even look at (Golem NPC's Name), I'll kill you. Simple as that."

Be nearby the Golem NPC

"Honey, I'm home!"

Megamouth: "I find you very attractive, lovely, kind & I want to live with you forever." Golem: "You said something?" Megamouth: "Y-Yeah. I asked how's the weather!" Golem: "Oh. It's good."

(Leaving the area nearby the Golem NPC) "One day. One day."

Fighting Eye of Cthulhu or The Twins

"Oh I have a ground breaking idea! Shoot it in the eye!"

"The last thing you will see is a bullet."

"What are you staring at!"

"Hey (name of player)! Let's gun this eye sore down. Oh hey, I made a pun!"

(Second phase begins for Eye of Cthulhu) "OH GOD, IT GOT TEETH"

(Second phase for The Twins are active at the same time) "What, ARE these things really?"

Fighting Eater of Worlds

"Stop becoming more of you!"

"I'll destroy you segment by segment."

Fighting The Destroyer

"You metal fake."

"Look red lazer blasting orbs!"

"I'll destroy YOU!"

Fighting Catastrophe Ruler of Disaster

Megamouth: "Pirate Eye." Catastrophe: "You mean Private Eye?" Megamouth: "No I mean Pirate Eye it is a dark secret that I don't have the respect for you or the time to tell you about."

"You know the phrase: Only time will tell? Well time is telling a horror story with your face."

"Your name is redundant."

"That two voices at one time thing is FREAKING CREEPY." (During Final Stage)

Miss a shot

"I must ask, are you missing on purpose?"

"Are you looking for a Floating Island?"

"Stop wasting ammo!"

Kill a Harpy

"Shame, I liked her."

"Awesome, I needed a feather to fix my pillow!"

"This is better than duck hunting!"

"All we need now, is an annoying dog & we'll have ourselves a VIDEO GAME!"

Kill another player in PvP

"How's them apples?"

"This time STAY DEAD."

"Rip You a New One!"

"See you when you respawn gun fodder!"

(If the player that was killed talked 3 or more times in the past 3 minutes) "I hope this teaches you to shut up, & I mean SHUUUUUHD DUUUP!"

(Kill the same player 3 times without dying) "Well, look who is a glutton for punishment."

(Kill a player that has a Megamouth Cannon.) "I feel, somewhat dead inside."

(Kill the player that killed you) "R-E-V-E-N-G-E Let me tell you what it means too me!"

"Hey dead guy, this just in: YOU SUCK"


(Kill a player with the SDMG) "HEY. FISH FACE. [Long beeping sound] AND FURTHERMORE [Long beeping sound] SO THERE."

(Kill a player that has the SDMG) "I. AM. THE. ORIGINAL MEGASHARK UPGRAAAADE!"

Run out of ammo

"Do you hear the clicking? Or am I the only one who hears that?"

"I do not shoot with mana, I NEED BULLETS."

"FEED ME AMMO! Not really. Just load more bullets, I'm vegetarian."

"I need more ammo!"

"You know the clicking? It means I need more ammo."



  • Megamouth is based on the Megalodon: An extinct species of shark that lived roughly from 28 to 1.5 million years ago, during the Cenozoic Era.
  • Megamouth is a vegetarian.
  • Megamouth was first created by the Clockmaker's sister who knew a Dryad that hit on her husband.
  • Megamouth cannot speak underwater because on each side of his body his miniguns are covering his gills.
  • He has a College education.
  • He has a crush on the Golem NPC.
  • Was first on this page: Golems