I created a slightly difficult challenge & named it The Koggeh Challenge.

I thought that since the new year has begun I should take it up a notch.

So let me introduce to you... The Koggeh Challenge EXTREME

The old challenges were hard enough, so if you have a hardcore character for the love of all things holy don't even try to beat this with that character. Why? You might WILL lose.

Challenges with a bold A at the end do not allow accesories.

Here is the challenge...

Good Luck IT IS HARD.


'Fight & defeat Skeletron & Skeletron Prime at day time' without any post Wall of Flesh Items. (The Wall Of Suffering)

Post Holiday Challenge! (Ho Ho Whole Lot Of Hurt)

Defeat the Frost Legion with only pre hardmode items! (Frosty's Revenge)

Hall Of Champions

If you beat it tell me & you will be added to the Hall of Champions.

The Wall Of Suffering

If you beat the extra challenge tell me & you will be added to the Wall Of Suffering.

Ho Ho Whole Lot Of Hurt

If you beat the Post Holiday Challenge tell me!

The Ultimate Challenge

Defeat The Dungeon Guardian, Twins, Destroyer, Wall of Flesh, & Skeletron Prime at the SAME TIME


  • Reforge the required items if needed it will help.
  • Unless it says otherwise anything goes even an ally.
  • Statues can be used on the 1st, 2nd, 5th, & 6th Challenges.
  • Statues Can be used on The Extra Challenge but they won't help much.
  • Challenges can actually be done at the same time.