• KorintheKat

    Here I am again with another idea! I think this is my best idea yet, so enjoy!

    Once you defeat The Destroyer with full hallowed armor, you will get a message in chat.

    "Something is wrong in the dungeon..."

    Once you enter the dungeon, you will be attacked by a Time Skeleton, which is like the Dungeon Guardian but is really fast and shoots lazers when you are in the air. When killed it drops "Hax Token" which give +6 Health. It's tool tip is "Either you HAXORED or you are awesome." When you are killed you wont lose anything and will be teleported to some different world. A npc is nearby.

    "Welcome to Terrarivale, stranger! All newcomers must see the king. Just go to the castle clad in Silver Brick!" it will say. Once you find the palace, enter it…

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  • KorintheKat

    Snow Biome Ideas

    April 4, 2012 by KorintheKat

    Hi, KorintheKat here with another stupid/wonderful idea! Stuff for the Snow biome! Because now it's just useless -_-

    All 3 snowmen would spawn less in the Snow Biome, and if it's before hardmode they will deal less damage and have less hp.

    Yeti: If you set your spawn point in a snow biome, Yeti will replace zombies. They have 50 hp and deal 18 damage.

    Demon Snowflake:At night, it will fly around like the Demon Eye but it spawns in groups and has 100 hp and deals 20 attack damage.

    Grinch:Variety of Yeti. Drops the Antlers vanity item. Has 200 hp and deals 20 damage.

    Blood Balla:Has 500 hp and does 55 damage with it's ranged attacks and 60 when you touch it. Only spawns during a blood moon. Unlike the Snow Balla, it's blood balls will turn to Red…

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  • KorintheKat

    This is not in the game or in a mod, this just fanon.

    During hardmode, if it's a blood moon and you kill Skeletron Prime, you will get a message in chat. They will be sent every 2 minutes.

    "An corrupted meteorite has landed."

    "A terrible chill goes down your spine."

    "Screams echo around you."

    "You feel an large quake."

    Once 5 Corrupted Meteorite have been mined, an gate will open in the center of Hell. When you go into the gate, you will enter the Dark Plane. It is composed of ebonstone, hellstone, adamantite ore and tiny amounts of the other ores. The trees are made out of petrified wood. 5 petrified wood mak an petrified sword, axe or pick. The petrified trees are as strong as obsidian. A petrified pick is as good as the Hamdrax but is slower…

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