Hi, KorintheKat here with another stupid/wonderful idea! Stuff for the Snow biome! Because now it's just useless -_-


All 3 snowmen would spawn less in the Snow Biome, and if it's before hardmode they will deal less damage and have less hp.

Yeti: If you set your spawn point in a snow biome, Yeti will replace zombies. They have 50 hp and deal 18 damage.

Demon Snowflake:At night, it will fly around like the Demon Eye but it spawns in groups and has 100 hp and deals 20 attack damage.

Grinch:Variety of Yeti. Drops the Antlers vanity item. Has 200 hp and deals 20 damage.

Blood Balla:
Blood Balla

Blood Balla

Has 500 hp and does 55 damage with it's ranged attacks and 60 when you touch it. Only spawns during a blood moon. Unlike the Snow Balla, it's blood balls will turn to Red Bricks when they come in contact with an object. It's a play on the word Balla as that is a word to describe a gangster and Blood is an gang.

Figgy Pudding:Acts like a slime. Has 100 hp and does 25 damage. Is the strongest slime behind the King Slime.

Reindeer:Spawns in groups. Is as weak as a zombie and won't attack unless you kill one in a group.

Rudolph:A varient of Reindeer. Has 200 HP and deals 20 attack damage. When killed it drops 1 Red Nose.


John Frost

13000 hp.

He is summoned by using the Bloodflake using 1 Red Nose, 5 Snow Blocks, 5 Demonite Bars and 5 Hellstone Bars.


When Summoned:

Go to hell, go to hell, go to hell all the way!

During battle:

Oh what blood will be spilled....

In a one on one battle!

Attacked by a Flamethrower 10 times.


Attacked by a ranged weapon 10 times.

Using ranged? Pfft, I'll throw these bloodballs!

Attacked by a melee weapon 10 times.

Melee? Foolish! I will crush you under this cane!

Under 5500 hp.

I'll freeze hell over!


Under 2000 hp:

You are on the naughty list!


I best be going now...


1. Blizzard: Every 15 seconds 10 snow blocks will drop from the sky dealing 40 damage each.

2. Candy Cane: When you are in range he'll swing an candy cane around dealing 60 damage and inflicting the "Slow" debuff. He only swings it infront of him though and it takes a few seconds for him to get ready to swing.

3.Blood Balls: Throws bloodballs when you are not in range. They deal 40 damage and he throws them 5 in a burst. When they come in contact with a block they will turn into a regular Snow Block.

4. Jingle Hell: Gets out an Megashark and fires away with Bloodballs for ammo. They each deal 100 damage and is usually an instant kill.But you can stand on his Megashark and attack his head. Only does this every 30 seconds when he is below 2000 hp. It also takes him a while to get it out. He only fires it in one direction.

5. Reverse Blizzard:Like blizzard but every 15 seconds after he is under 5500 hp he will summon snow blocks from the underground and they each deal 40 damage. He summons 5 snow blocks and he will still do the Blizzard attack at the same time to.

6. Jolly Army: Swings his candy cane forward dealing 60 damage but not inflicting the Slow debuff and knocking you back alot. Then 10 Blood Ballas will spawn infront of him. Does this 2 times when he is under 5500 hp. On the second time it will spawn 15 Blood Ballas.


10 Souls of Fright

250 Snow Blocks

1 Candy Scythe

50 Gold Coins

10 Adamantite Bars


Candy Scythe:

Is in the Broadsword category. Is average speed, has an average knockback, has a base damage of 72 (same as an Legendary Excalibur) and can continuously attack.

Jolly Antlers:Is crafted with 1 Antlers, 10 Snow Blocks. 5 Cobalt Bars and 5 Souls of Fright. It has 26 defense, gives 5% increased critical strike chance and 25% not to use ammo. It also increases melee and ranged speed by 20%.


Is in the Hammer category. Is crafted with 10 Candy Cane Blocks, 1 Gold Hammer, 5 Cobalt Bars and 10 Snow Blocks. Has 150% hammer power, does 25 damage and continuously attacks. It has the tooltip "How many licks does it take to get to the Gold Hammer?"

Peppermint Shots:

Is used as bullets. Is crafted with 1 Musket Ball, 1 Meteorite and 5 Candy Cane Blocks. Makes 5. It does 19 damage and makes the opponents "Jolly" slowing their movement speed down.


Is in the Spell category. Is crafted with 1 Magic Missile, 20 Snow Blocks, 5 Adamantite Bars, 10 Candy Cane Blocks and 5 Souls of Might. It costs 10 mana and when fired fires a blue projectile that when it hits any surface (including monsters) snow blocks will rain down on the enemy, each one doing 10 damage.