Ok. I'm the type of person who loves to have a wide range of weapon choices in games. Terraria has three large guns (Minishark, Musket, and the Star Cannon) and a few small ones (Phoenix Blaster, Sandgun, etc etc) along with swords. A few large ones that turn into a medium size one (Night's Edge) and a few plain short ones (Silver Shortsword, Copper Shortsword, etc etc). It also has some Flails (Which no one mains. At least that I know of) and some Magic Weapons (I count these into the Guns). Also some Ranged Weapons, which I also count to the guns.

This is what weapons Terraria has to offer. I'm thinking that Terraria needs weapons that deal with the area your in. For example. If your in a forest area, out of arrows (somehow) and don't have a sword (I don't normally carry one because i'm an Archer-Type), you can go in the middle of a few trees and set down an item. This item would be an elite crafting table that would allow you to make.....say a cannon out of those trees. The more trees within a 30block area, the larger and stronger the cannon. The cannon shoots Acorns that are in your inventory and the ones that you would have gotten from the trees. You aim just like you would a Bow. Point and Click. After Xminutes however, the cannon will fall apart and Acorns will fly everywhere.

A few ideas for the other areas too (I'm not going to do a paragrapth like the tree one. I need to do something and i'm to lazy.

Hell: You take Ash and Hellfire Arrows, along with Hellstone Brick (To create a more use to them) to make a Xminute cannon that fires Smoke Bombs. Smoke Bombs will paralyze the target (if you hit it) and inflict damage to them. Once the cannon disapears, Lava will fly everywhere, along with Ash.

Jungle: You take Mud and Jungle Grass Seeds, along with the Jungle Trees to create a Xminute Heavy Bow. While carrying this bow, you will not be able to switch items without dropping it, and doing so will destroy the weapon. Your movement speed will decrease 30% and you will take 35% less damage from all sources. The bow will do damage equal to the amount of trees you crafted it with x9 and fires one arrow per second. On inpact, the arrow will do splash damage. Once the bow disapears, Hornets will spawn equal to 10x the amount of arrows you fired.

Desert: You take Sand and Cactus, along with the Sandgun to create a large Fan. When you attack with the fan, it will blow all sand infront of you (5block) 10-25blocks away from you, dealing damage equal to the amount of sand you used to craft it (Max 50). If a creature attacks you, it will take 2times the amount of damage. You will take 85% more damage from all sources and your accesorys will not be in effect. This weapon will last til death.

Corruption: You take Ebonstone and Rotten Chunk, along with the Night's Edge to create a large Scythe. When used, the Scythe will damage every enemy infront of you in a cone and inflict a DoT on them dealing Xdamage per second for 10seconds. You deal 50damage per hit and you gain 2times your health, however you will take 200% more damage from all sources. Also, while used, the spawn rate of all creatures will be greatly increased and bosses will spawn natually.

Please note. This is an idea, ideas are ment to be changed. Please do not troll. Also. None of this can hit players in PvP.