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  • Latias1290

    I am now busy with a singleplayer world. I have done about 7 singleplayer worlds now and this is my 8th one. I usally go on servers.

    Im playing in this world when it came to my attention that 2 real days ago I was building house on a hill to become my main base, and now Im running around the underworld, looking for voodoo dolls, ready to enter hardmode.

    I want to know, whats the fastest progress you ever made in a single player world? There is no real way to measure progress unless you are playing a roleplaying/casual game, where there is a point where you beat the game. However in terraria, there is no final ending in the game, and there is no actual way to lose either(if you die, you get to start over unless you are playing hardcore). So l…

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  • Latias1290

    Hey everyone. In this part of A Pokemon's Guide To Wiring, Im going to show you one practical application with wiring. This time, it is a passcoded trigger.

    This is what it end result looks like(you should also build it like that):

    Note that I forgot something important: You must include room for a gate if you want to make something like a secure room or vault. It may seem daunting at first, and it will for a while, but Im gonna walk you through it.

    These are basically stacked Memory circuits with a numerical input.

    You need to stack the memory circuits in a way that they are compact, but if you are making something like a (big) vault to store your stuff you dont really need to make it that compact.

    For example, the passcode here is a 2 number …

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  • Latias1290

    Hay everyone. I have been fooling around with wire for a long time(I built a vault once, if anyone wants to see it then send me a talk message), and came up with this simple memory circuit.

    EDIT: You need green pressure plates. Sorry!

    It relies on a bunny statue, wiring(of course), active stone blocks, green pressure plates and dart traps(and a building material of your choice).

    Color key:

    • Red: Input.
    • Blue: Output if true.
    • Green: Output if false.

    The upper red cable is used to set the value. This is always toggling, I cant make it so that you can explicitly set it to true or false(actually, you can, but that means ignoring one output, or more complicated stuff that I can explain some other time).

    The blue cable will trigger if the output is true, …

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  • Latias1290

    Im talking about trolling in general. This means I am not talking about people griefing your house in Terraria before your eyes - everywhere. Like the previous, but also in stuff like Minecraft, other websites, or Wikipedia(such as done here). Personally I like trolling - as long as I am not the victim. I know this sounds a bit hypocrite but ya :3

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  • Latias1290

    Plant-friendly clock

    August 24, 2013 by Latias1290

    Hi guys. I have made a plant-friendly clock for those who dont have access to enough materials to make a grandfather clock.

    You will need:

    • A furnace(which requires 14 wood or 4 wood and a workbench, 3 torches and 20 stone block to make)
    • 12 clay blocks(or 6 if you skip a seed)
    • 1 Daybloom seed
    • 1 Moonglow seed

    Note that you can skip one of either 2 seeds, but I like to have both :P

    Here are some + and - points about this:

    + You can see if it is day or night without having to walk all the way to it.

    - You will need to make a dangerous tour through the jungle at night if you want moonglow. Note that you can skip one of the 2 seeds if you want. If you are playing a new character, I recommend skipping the moonglow. If you are making this for the aesthetic…

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