I am now busy with a singleplayer world. I have done about 7 singleplayer worlds now and this is my 8th one. I usally go on servers.

Im playing in this world when it came to my attention that 2 real days ago I was building house on a hill to become my main base, and now Im running around the underworld, looking for voodoo dolls, ready to enter hardmode.

I want to know, whats the fastest progress you ever made in a single player world? There is no real way to measure progress unless you are playing a roleplaying/casual game, where there is a point where you beat the game. However in terraria, there is no final ending in the game, and there is no actual way to lose either(if you die, you get to start over unless you are playing hardcore). So lets see it as a "How fast have you achieved major targets/objectives?" such as getting the hermes boots, entering hardmode, getting the night's edge etc.