Hi guys. I have made a plant-friendly clock for those who dont have access to enough materials to make a grandfather clock.

You will need:

  • A furnace(which requires 14 wood or 4 wood and a workbench, 3 torches and 20 stone block to make)
  • 12 clay blocks(or 6 if you skip a seed)
  • 1 Daybloom seed
  • 1 Moonglow seed

Note that you can skip one of either 2 seeds, but I like to have both :P

Here are some + and - points about this:

+ You can see if it is day or night without having to walk all the way to it.

- You will need to make a dangerous tour through the jungle at night if you want moonglow. Note that you can skip one of the 2 seeds if you want. If you are playing a new character, I recommend skipping the moonglow. If you are making this for the aesthetics, I recommend having both.

- You can only see wether it is day or night, not accurate time rounded to 1 second(1 ingame minute).

How make it:

Go to a furnace and craft 2 clay pots(or one if you skipped a seed), and put them anywhere next to each other. Put both seeds in their pots, and wait a few ingame days, and you got a clock! Simple eh?

How to read it:

You can check wether it is day or night by checking which flower is in bloom. If it is night, the Moonglow plant is in bloom(the blue thing is visible and it is emitting (very low) light). If it is day, the Daybloom plant is in bloom(the yellow thing is visible).

That's my design for a simple plant-friendly clock. I hope you like it ;)