Introduction for Pixel Art

Pixel Art Pixel art can be done by using blocks to form an image such as Mario, Spongebob, A gun, A derp face and a whole more. Pixel art is not a limited activity in Terraria except if your out of materials or blocks. You can use your free time by doing some pixel art and show it to your friend. Building a pixel art also takes a long time.

As you can see in the video below, a pixel art of Mario made on a multiplayer server.


Important Note!

  • It is better to do it on a server that have trusted members.
  • Your creation will maybe be griefed or destroyed, so we suggest you to build your pixel art on singleplayer mode.

Ways to prevent your pixel are to be destroyed or griefed by a noob

  • Build your pixel art somewhere noobs don't usually go or somewhere deep underground.
  • Use meteorite and hellstone in your pixel art to protect them from being destroy by noobs that are unprotected by obsidian skull.
  • Obsidian can also be used to cover you while building a pixel art or to protect your pixel art because obsidian cannot be mined with basic pickaxe.