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  • Lenyntaka

    Elemental equipments are basically like any other games. Example: fire, thunder, ice...

    but first terraria will need to have elemental monsters or biomes or these equipments wont have any effect.

    i based them on the jewels of terraria, as like jungle armor and phase blades.

    to craft an elemental Gem, you should have 5 jewels and some other requisites >> [on my mind] 5 emerald + 15 stinger + 10 jungle spore = PoisonGem

    my list was like this :

    ruby = fire > strong against plant enemy

    sapphire = ice/water > strong against fire enemy

    emerald = poison > strong against living enemies [including zombie]

    topaz = thunder > strong against electronics [robots? {future updates?}]

    amethyst = darkness/curse > great on PVP

    diamond = wind > strong pushing when hit/attack [or] holy > strong …

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