Elemental equipments are basically like any other games. Example: fire, thunder, ice...

but first terraria will need to have elemental monsters or biomes or these equipments wont have any effect.

i based them on the jewels of terraria, as like jungle armor and phase blades.

to craft an elemental Gem, you should have 5 jewels and some other requisites >> [on my mind] 5 emerald + 15 stinger + 10 jungle spore = PoisonGem

my list was like this :

ruby = fire > strong against plant enemy

sapphire = ice/water > strong against fire enemy

emerald = poison > strong against living enemies [including zombie]

topaz = thunder > strong against electronics [robots? {future updates?}]

amethyst = darkness/curse > great on PVP

diamond = wind > strong pushing when hit/attack [or] holy > strong against darkness-moved enemy [skells,demon,dundeon...]

the stones would have their own accessory slot under the social slots written elemental gem[or something else]

I just thought of complete armor and a sword... but is just a suggestion

the equipments would be better then underworld but the sword is between the fiery greatsword and night's edge... so its better then the underworld so it can become of the same elemental > fire < but better

and also if a Gem is equiped it grants immunity to the elemental > like > PoisonGem immune you to poison and grants you better defence on poison attacks [only when full armor equiped]

[Sugested by {write-name-here}]

1gold bar + 1jewel -> Gembar

[my part]

Elemental Sword > gold sword + 3 of each Gembar [total 18 gembars]

Elemental Helmet > gold helmet + 5 of each Gembar [total 30 gembars]

Elemental Greaves > gold greaves + 6 oh each Gembar [total 36 gembars]

Elemental Breastplate > gold breastplate + 7 of each Gembar [total 42 gembars]

Elemental Gun > handgun + 4 of each Gembar [total of 24 gembars]

in total 150 Gembars for full Elemental Equipments

so...? what do you think...?

[srry for bad english >.< im brazilian]