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  • LeopardSyron

    Hey there pros and beginners! I just wanted to tell you some infos about beating Bosses and getting stuffs!

    Let's get going to it. Before complaining! Those Questions are all Examples. Real questions are marked with '%'

    I'm not trying to be smart or something that would Offend peoples for acting like famous person.

    I'm not copying anyone else except the words in my minds

    Shall We get Started now?

    First Example Question:

    "Hey! I have been tryin' to beat Plantera. He's quite hard to beat when it comes with his rage stats.

    So, you have no idea how to kill plantera? There's pretty much few steps how to kill him. First of all, You might farm Meteor Heads for molds and get Vampire Knives, Second. You can wait for solar eclipse and farm reapers for Deat…

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  • LeopardSyron

    I was wondering if we give idea to Red?. This page is avaliable for

    Bosses, loot, stats only.

    (Edit free, Not delete free)

    (I will keep an eye on this thing. So i will update it)

    - Hand of Cthulhu -

    Same AI as Skeletron's hand, (No idea how it looks. [EDIT] )

    Spawns with 10 creepers.

    HP: Same health as Brain of Cthulhu (Cannot be damaged if the creepers are still alive)

    DMG: 15-30 DMG (Roll) 5-20 (Base DMG)


    - Crimtane ore or Demonite ore (53-100%)

    - Crimson rod or Corrupted Boomerang (100%)

    - Cthulhu key (Summons little hand of Cthulhu)

    - Hand of Cthulhu trophy (Can be placed)

    - Power Crystal -

    Only Boss that stays only where's hes standing. He looks like giant leaf crystal with stand beneath him.

    He spawns hostile creatures (Not hardmode hostile creatures) Unti…

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