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Bosses, loot, stats only.

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- Hand of Cthulhu -

Same AI as Skeletron's hand, (No idea how it looks. [EDIT] )

Spawns with 10 creepers.

HP: Same health as Brain of Cthulhu (Cannot be damaged if the creepers are still alive)

DMG: 15-30 DMG (Roll) 5-20 (Base DMG)


- Crimtane ore or Demonite ore (53-100%)

- Crimson rod or Corrupted Boomerang (100%)

- Cthulhu key (Summons little hand of Cthulhu)

- Hand of Cthulhu trophy (Can be placed)

- Power Crystal -

Only Boss that stays only where's hes standing. He looks like giant leaf crystal with stand beneath him.

He spawns hostile creatures (Not hardmode hostile creatures) Until he reaches his 2nd Stage. He shoots

Magic Missles every 4 secs.

HP: 7 000/7 000 (Medium armour)

DMG: 10 (When player is meleeing)

  • 2nd Stage

HP: 4 000/7 000 (Low armour)

DMG: 21-35 (Ranged) 31-46 (Melee)


- Battle Wisp Bottle (Summons Wisp like Wisp in a bottle, but fires weak missles) (100%)

- Battle standard(Spawns goblin army) (50%)

- Ivy Whip (Fires 3 whips) (79%)

- Iron bars (10-15) (60-81%)

Orc Hero -

A boss similar to Armored goblin but shoots arrows and wields a Gold sword

Sends Orc army when he's too low on health

HP: 2 000/2 000

DMG: 15-20 (Melee) 20-30(Ranged)


- Gold Greatsword ( Similar to Gold broadsword, but longer reach, slower and higher damage


- Apocalypse -

A hardmode boss. Looks like a giant tank, shoots explosive laser.

This boss is unique, has custom AI. When spawned, it fires artillery 15 seconds duration . Has 2 stages

HP: 100 000/100 000 (Medium armor)

DMG: 30-60 (Indirect DMG) 106-152 (Direct DMG) 80-100 (Rash)

(2nd Stage)

HP: 12 520/100 000 (Doubled Armor)

DMG: 100 (Indirect) 199 (Direct) 20-40 (MG)


- SDMG (100% First try)

- Advanced jetpack (Flys 30% longer than normal) (79%)

- Quadzooka (Semi-automatic rocketlauncher, 2 rockets per click)(100% First try)

- Apocalypse Trophy (Can be placed)

- Hallowed Bars (5-10) ( 5-50%,10-50%)

- Gunship -

A hardmode boss. Looks like a helicopter, shoots musket balls

at the targeted entity (Hostile not encluded) Same AI as Queen bee

charges and shoot

HP: Same health as Destroyer but low armor

DMG: 70 (MG) 100 (Cannon) 150 (Rash)


- Aircraft Key (Summons little Gunship) (10.09%)

- Missle pod (Shoots 3 rockets at a time, slower than rocket launcher) (100%)

- Musket balls (Ammo) (250-50%, 999-50%)

- Gunship trophy (Can be placed)

- Soul stealer -

A hardmode boss. Similar to reaper, but with bigger and much more demonic scythe.

shoots cursed fire balls at you. Also summons Cursed Hammers

HP: 50 000/ 50 000 (High Armor)

DMG: 99-150(Cursed flame ball) 167- 185 (Base DMG)


- Advanced demon scythe (100%)

- Golden mana crystal (Similar to Life Fruits, makes mana up to 300)(1-3, 1-50%, 3-50%)

- Wraith key (Summons the boss again) (2%)

- Soul stealer trophy (Can be placed, Increases life regen by 3%)

- Dragonoid -

Based on upcomming or cancled biome 'Moon'. He looks like futuristic armoured Dragon. Has same AI as Queen Bee.

Breathes massive amount of flame. Also summons, Probes (Has 2 Stages)

HP: 120 000/120 000

DMG: 80-100(Flame) 60-102 (Ram)

  • 2nd Stage

HP: 20 100/ 120 000

DMG: x2


- Suspicious looking Egg (Summons baby dragonoid) (101%) (Can only obtained ONCE)

- Magic thrust(Better than Sandstorm in the bottle, consumes 1 Mana) (100%)

- Laser rifle (92%)

- Missing Cannon (Summons Apocalypse)

- Mimic Slider -

His name says his AI. He's not a chest, but Large block of dungeon bricks itself with an Eye on the middle.

He fires a laser out of his Eye. Has 2 stages, might be the most terrifying boss ever.

Since dungeon brick is too tough. Yep... He's gonna be toughter.

HP: 100 000/100 000 (Extreme armour: 92)

DMG: 70-100(Slide) 100-110 (Laser) (Spawns 3-6 Eye of Cthulhu servants)


His loot has same as Mimic , but drops every 5 of them.

- Wall of guilt -

Work in progress ( I need a sleep, i almost forgot this )


In total. They drop 3 Platinum (Including Hand of Cthulhu) Per boss drops 10-32 Gcoins.

Hand of Cthulhu drops 1 Gold coin(Sorry!!)