• Lhurgoyf


    September 8, 2011 by Lhurgoyf

    Christmas morning.

    A restless night of sugar plum fairies and snowflakes dancing amidst the cool winter air. The evening stars twinkling and the moon brighter than any man-made street light. Santa's sleigh in full force delivering wonderous gifts to all boys and girls. The tossing and turning in your bed of the amazing presents that will be recieved in just a few short hours. Minutes feel like hours, and hours seem to never end. 'What will i get?' 'Was i naughty or nice this year?' 'Will Santa leave me some cookies?' These insessant thoughts plague your mind like a bratty younger sibling wanting their turn with the Sega Genesis.

    Eyes clenched tight, waiting for the first beam of sunlight to give the okay the barrel down the stairs and dive h…

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