Hello this is going to be my guide for new players to terraria hope you enjoy =]

Once you make a world of small,medium or large you will start with a copper pickaxe,shortsword and axe

oh yes one thing THIS IS NOTHING LIKE MINECRAFT anyway... use the pickaxe to dig dirt,stone,iron,silver,gold etc theres no shovel for dirt anyway with the axe cut some trees nearby cut from the bottom this makes all the wood fall down.It is not recommended to plant the acorns to grow trees but you can if you want,use the pickaxe to find any ores you may find such as copper and iron these are the most common,if you find gold your in luck build upwards and you will find yourself a floating island although... you need a golden key from dungeons which is a mid-high level area it is made of bricks made of blue, pink and green do not go inside you will die automatically if you don't defeat the boss NOW TO THE GUIDE...... after you collect wood make a workbench press Esc to open your inventory crafting is in the bottom left make a workbench and place it down make a wooden sword a bow is not recommended now replace that wooden sword with the copper shortsword kill some slimes and make torches 1 wood + 1 gel makes 3 torches oh yeah slimes drop gel after this you can tunnel underground and get ores while placing torches to get light anyway you need to make a house a little dug out square is enough. Now you figure out the rest =]

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