• LordTemujin

    Mob farming

    December 12, 2011 by LordTemujin


    Farming Biomes

    Zone Restriction

    Mob farming is a simple way of building up all the mob drops including the varied souls and shard both light and dark all in one easy to reach area which is designed to give the player an unfair advantage over the mobs. It is relatively simple in practice yet can become fairly complicated depending on what mob farm you are planning to create.

    Jungle Farm

    Piranha/Angler Farm

    Hallow Farm

    Corruption Farm

    Desert Farm/Dark/Light

    Dungeon Farm

    Hell Farm

    M ost if not all of these farms are managed in the same fashion, a single multi-level room with wooden platforms connecting each floor. The recommended height is 4 for each floor; this will allow all enemy mob types to spawn, including unicorns which will not spawn in a…

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