• LukeT

    Luke's Intermediate Guide

    October 4, 2011 by LukeT

    Terraria is a complex game with many layers and options; as such it is sometimes hard to know what one should do or how to further progress in the game. This guide is targeted towards people who have the basics covered by the starter guide down but who are looking for more direction in what to do.

    When starting the intermediate mode of the game you should already have most of these items, and I'll be assuming that you have already acquired most, if not all of these:

    • Silver Tier Equipment
    • A Ranged Weapon
    • Grappling Hook
    • About 200 Health
    • Optional cool items like: Hermes Boots, Cloud in a Bottle, Magic Mirror and more.

    Having mostly Silver Armor is a good decision when dealing with challenges that come up in mid-tier play. The monsters do higher amou…

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