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    Movin' to Terraria Fanon

    April 19, 2012 by LumpZ

    Just one quick announcement: my next idea is coming out tomorrow but I'm not posting it on this wiki. I'll be posting ithere instead.

    I'll still be hanging around the chat here frequently, all thats changed is that my idea blogs will now be in content pages over at the Terraria Fanon wiki.

    I hope that this isn't hurting this wiki in any way (Its not like millions of people come to my blog every day or something), and if it is, I will be quite suprised.

    Alright, then, that is all.

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  • LumpZ

    Note: This is not in a game, nor is it in any mod.

    Feel free to critisize any part of this and point out any mistakes I might have made! Comments are always appreciated :D

    This may or may not have more content being added, depending on the comments I receive.

    All chests in floating islands now contain the Small Cloud, two of which, when crafted together with a Soul of Night, makes the Thunderclap. Using this item in the forest biome will cause a bright flash, and a lightning-strike effect in the background. This means that a Cloud has spawned somewhere in the world.

    The Cloud Biome spawns in an altitude of at least 100 blocks above the highest block in the area (not world) in a random area in the sky that is 200 blocks away from the spawn and a…

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  • LumpZ

    First of all, I'm going to say I didn't plan any of this before hand, so anything you see in here will probably be not-that-well-thought-out. More ideas will be added if I think of any.

    Comments definitely appreciated!

    The Staff of Protection, when used, will emit a semicircular barrier around you with a raidus of three blocks. All players within the barrier will receive the "Guarded" buff, which will cause their defence to increase by 10%.

    The caster of this spell will constantly lose mana as this spell is being used at a rate of 10 mana per second, and any projectile which touches the sheild has a 80% chance of being reflected.

    It is crafted from one Ice Rod, Twenty Soul of Might, Fourty pixie dust and two unicorn horns.

    Crafted with twenty-f…

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  • LumpZ

    Note: This is not in the game, nor is it in any mod.

    The next blood moon after killing all the hardmode bosses, if you are wearing any type of Hallowed Armor, you will suddenly see a few sentences appear in the chat, one after the other:

    "You feel an evil presence watching you..."

    "A horrible chill goes down your spine..."

    "Screams echo around you..."

    "You sense an unsettling presence coming somewhere far below the surface."

    This means that the Hell Keeper has spawned somewhere within 1000 feet of the center of the map, in the Underworld. Every blood moon, if not defeated it will move to a new location, killing a random NPC in the process.

    It will be invisible until you damage it, meaning that there will be no way to find the Hell Keeper without …

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  • LumpZ

    So recently i've been trying my hand at spriting after my friend asked me to help him on his texture pack. I've never gotten far with it, but when Orion76 asked me to help him make sprites, I ended up recolouring some of the sprites that i found in the folder which I was using for the texture pack (which will probably never be released).

    I've made this page to just showcase my sprites (most of which will just be recolours), not show-off or anything. I guess i'll accept requests if people need some stuff for their own blog if they can't make sprites(or are too lazy to make their own).

    You can check out Orion's post here and Koggeh's post here.

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